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SCWO Demos 

Hillsborough WWTP DemoWe run the system about 2-3 times a month and will be glad to host you during this time and show you how the magic happens. If you are interested in scheduling a demo, please contact us and specify the range of dates you are interested in as well as how many people will be coming (we welcome groups of up to 6 people).

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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SCWO Off-Site Pilots

In the last couple of quarters, we began collaborating with wastewater treatment plants and biosolids management companies from around the country, to show effective treatment of their most difficult to dewater and dispose sludge types.

How does it work?

  1. We start off by getting samples of the different waste types you would like us to treat, analyze these samples to determine their concentration, ash content and calorific value.
  2. We then recommend which waste type(s) would be ideal to treat first and coordinate with you the waste shipment (tubs for biosolids, buckets for more diluted streams). Typically we need about 175 lbs of biosolids (~15-20% solids) or about 30 gallons of more diluted streams.
  3. Once we receive the material and analyze it, we schedule a pilot and invite you and your team to come see the unit in action, treating your waste.
  4. We then analyze the effluent and share the results with you in the form of report cards.  

 At this time, we are not charging any fees for participating in this program. If you would like to get more information or schedule a pilot, please contact us at